AFT Local 4400

April Faculty Voice

SPRING EVENTS: April 18 Burrito Bash - April 23 Day of Action - May 1 Open Forum to Keep the Community in Community College!

President's Report: Comments to the Board

by Debora Bone

Repeatability Regs Are Negatively Impacting Performing Arts Students and Faculty

by Michael Strunk

Repeatability Regulations Limit Access and Success for Cabrillo Students (newly updated!)

compiled by Maya Bendotoff

Reports back from the March CFT Convention:

Cabrillo's Workshop on Repeatability by Debora Bone,
CFT Priorities for Higher Ed by Katie Woolsey,
Kamala Harris on Quality Public Ed
by Sadie Reynolds, and
AB86 and the future of Adult Ed
by Susan Stuart

From the Editor: Communications Survey Results!

by Diane Putnam

CCEU Report

by Laurie Osmer


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CCFT Elections Update

Nominations have closed, and elections are under way by written ballot through the end of the month. Thanks for participating in electing your division representatives and elected officers. Stay tuned...












CCFT Currents

Advocate for changes to new CC repeatability regulations that limit student success and access
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Link to ACA coverage in California: Covered California (

Profile of Cabrillo's Adjunct Faculty (May 2013)

Resolution in support of CCSF

Accreditation: "ACCJC Gone Wild" and other resources

CCFT Representatives, with photos

The CCFT office is located in room 1709 of the Baskin Center. View map.


CCFT/CCEU BURRITO BASH is Friday, April 18th, from 4-7 PM


DAY OF ACTION is Wed., April 23rd, from noon-2 PM in the Quad


OPEN FORUM is Thurs., May 1st, from 6-8 PM in room 5005 Hort.


Reel Work 2014

"May Day Labor Film Festival," in Santa Cruz, Monterey, and Santa Clara Counties—Friday, April 25 to Sunday, May 4. Check out the festival website.